New Primark Store, Freshney Place, Grimsby

Insulating The New Primark Store, Freshney Place, Grimsby

Our Client

Harris CM, a multi-disciplinary construction company were tasked with undertaking the conversion of a multi-storey car park project and extension in Freshney Place Shopping Centre, Grimsby to provide a new Primark store in the town centre. Foamspray Insulation, the spray foam insulation experts, were called in to help.

The Project

Harris CM were completing a refurbishment and extension to allow for a new Primark store at Freshney Place shopping Centre in Grimsby. We were called in to work alongside Harris CM to insulate the 2000 square metre concrete soffit. Not only were we asked to improve the thermal efficiency of the building but also to offer a level of fire resistance.

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The solution

Foamspray used Isothane’s spray foam product Durathem which was sprayed directly onto the concrete soffit at thicknesses of 120mm on the underside of the roof, 50mm on the vertical side of the soffit and 25mm to the underside of the soffit before coating with a spray applied ET 150 intumescent paint. Prior to the application, a bonding coat was applied directly to the soffit to assist the adhesion of the foam to the soffit.

The spray foam allows for a seamless finish which eliminates the air leakage you’d get if you used board insulation. The air tight barrier created by the seamless finish greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the building. It is weather and water proof making it extremely robust and is very low maintenance meaning the product has a long lifespan. The ET 150 paint was sprayed on top of the foam to create a flexible, durable and waterproof finish. ET 150 is solvent free and is class 0 compliant. This means that once dry the coating will have a flame resistant finish, giving the structure the extra level of fire resistance required.

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More information

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If you’d like more information about Isothane’s spray foam product Duratherm® and its uses please click here.

“Foamspray provided us with a competitive quote, followed up with a prompt and comprehensive service and I would have no hesitation is employing them for future works”


Matt Robson, Project Manager

Harris CM

Primark Grimsby 

August 8th, 2017|