Foam Fill

Foam Fill Insulation for Voids & Cavities

The use of slow-rise polyurethane spray foam is ideally suited to filling large and small voids and hard-to-treat cavities.

Foam Fill supplied and installed by Foam Spray Insulation is a two part rigid foam system which, when mixed together, will expand to around 25 times its original size.

It is applied in liquid form, allowing the foam to settle to the bottom of the void or cavity, then slowly rise, flowing through complex cavities or irregular voids filling all obscure angles and creating a strong yet lightweight seamless core, bonding the structure together.

The excellent expansion properties of the material allow the area to be filled quickly; the foam cures in seconds forming a highly rigid, cellular material with excellent compact strength which will never lose its density.

Where additional structural strength is required and where weight is a particularly important issue, an alternative solution is our Rigid PU Foam, FoamFill Twenty10

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Foam Fill Twenty10 has extremely effective insulation values as well as substantial physical reinforcement, excellent adhesion characteristics, reduces air and water penetration and also enhances erosion resistance on the internal side of the structure to which it has been applied.

The foam has excellent compressive strength to weight ratio and exhibits a waterproof, closed-cell structure, with high flow and superb adhesive properties. It is fire-retardant and closed-cell, which means water cannot pass through it and is very strong for its very low weight:


FoamFill Twenty10 Physical Properties
Compressive Strength (BS4730) 250 kPa or 36 psi.
Density (BS4730) 40 Kg/cubic metre.
Closed Cell Content (BS4730) >90 %
Extent of Burn (BS4735) <125 mm


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