What Are The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation For Your Commercial Building?

Commercial properties in the UK are adapted to fulfill the requirements of numerous business types. These range from office blocks through to warehouses, shops, restaurants, and factories. Whatever the sector, they all have one thing in common – they need to be insulated properly.

Energy bills are a major outlay for any business owner, demanding a large slice of company expenditure whether you run a small taxi office or a huge manufacturing plant. While you’ll naturally shop around for the best energy deals, cutting the amount of heat that escapes your property will pay for itself over a few short years.

The age of many buildings makes traditional forms of insulation difficult, and the lack of adherence to modern building regulations in pre-1970s properties poses problems for retro-fitting insulation. Spray foam insulation eliminates the common difficulties of insulation installation, delivering both short- and long-term benefits for your business.

Here are Four of the Major Benefits:

Provides Full Coverage

When you insulate a commercial building with something like fibreglass, you risk leaving gaps in your insulation. This reduces the amount of heat kept inside the building, negatively impacting your energy bills as you’re forced to spend more money keeping your employees and customers warm.
Spray foam, on the other hand, delivers comprehensive coverage to the inside of your property, creating a much stronger barrier against energy loss. When applied properly by an experienced specialist, the right amount of spray foam will form an insulating barrier within your property.

Offers a Healthier Working Environment

A healthy working environment not only maintains staff productivity, but it also helps to boost their morale. Cold and draughty buildings are unpleasant to work in, so acting to improve the integrity of the building through spray foam insulation can only improve things for your employees. As well as limiting heat loss and draughts, spray foam also limits the damage damp can inflict on both your property and the health of your staff.

Protects Your Building

Commercial buildings need ongoing maintenance to ensure that they remain safe and healthy places to work, not only protecting your staff but your products or services too. Think of spray foam as an investment in your ongoing building protection – it covers those hidden cracks and defects in a structure that cause heat loss and improves the overall integrity of a building. It can even be applied to surfaces you wouldn’t normally consider appropriate for insulation, such as metal, wood, and breezeblock.

commercial-spray-foam-insulation What Are The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation For Your Commercial Building?


Long-Lasting Warranties

For anyone who thinks that spray foam is applied and then you’re done, think again. Foam spray installations come with a 25-year warranty on your insulation, meaning that you don’t have to worry about commercial spray foam insulation issues for a very long time to come. Spray foam is a commitment to your building that’ll provide a huge return on investment over its lifespan.

January 20th, 2019|