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Foam Spray Insulation Ltd is a professional insulation company which has been trading for over 25 years. Based in the heart of the UK with a highly experienced team of applicators, each with many years’ experience within the spray foam insulation industry. We have worked on varied projects within the UK and overseas. Our aim remains the same, to provide the highest standards of quality and service to our customers.

Spray Foam Insulation is considered to be one of the most versatile forms of insulation available. Its continuous membrane, which can adhere to virtually any building or structure, including awkward shapes such as curves and voids, contains the most efficient insulating properties used in modern industry. It can weatherproof and stabilise structures thereby extending the life of many old buildings.

Applied in liquid form, the material expands to the required thickness then sets in a rigid foam state, providing a continuous, seamless thermal barrier, eliminating draughts and condensation problems, saving energy and costs. It is the most efficient insulation per thickness giving unrivalled insulating benefits and reducing U-values.

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Foam Spray Insulation, provides an extremely high performance insulation that meets with all current building regulations at a very competitive price. All the materials we use are manufactured in the UK by Isothane Ltd, the UK market leaders in the production of polyurethane foam systems.

Our materials all comply with current fire regulations, i.e. BS476 part 7 class 1. Class ’0′ (non-combustible). Spray foam insulation materials and coatings are also available where additional fire protection is essential.

Should I get Spray Foam Insulation?

If you want an effective, environmentally-friendly and long-term solution to insulation or condensation problems, then the answer is yes. You should get spray foam insulation. It is one of the best forms of insulating material that is appropriate for almost any building or property.

This guide has covered the basics of spray foam, but if you want to know how it would work for your specific property or situation, then simply get in touch with the experts today. Ring Foam Spray Insulation Ltd on 0113 293 0068 for all the details and any questions!

Where can Foam Spray be Used?


Foam spray has experience applying and installing spray foam roof insulation. Heat naturally rises up through a building, which is why the first and second floors tend to be warmer than the ground floor or basements. This means, however, that it’s vital your roof is insulated. This is one of the key places that heat will escape.


Spray foam loft insulation is a key way to protect your home from heat loss, reducing energy bills and helping the environment. However, lofts can be a precious area for storage or even living space. Filling your loft with traditional forms of insulation means the space can no longer be used easily. Foam spray is the perfect way to insulate your loft. Just a few millimeters of foam insulation is all it takes to provide effective insulation.

Cavity Walls

Foam cavity wall insulation is a popular and effective way to insulate the walls of your home or property. Heat often escapes through walls when the internal temperature of the room is warmer than that outside — which is most of the year in the UK! Foam spray insulation is the perfect way to prevent heat loss in your cavity walls.

Commercial Applications

There are a huge number of commercial applications for foam insulation. Explore the applications tab to find out more. These include:

  • Car parks
  • Agricultural areas (barns, stables, storage containers)
  • Water Stops
  • School lofts
  • Nissen Huts
  • Office insulation
  • Concrete Soffits
  • Trench Breakers

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