Agricultural Applications

Agricultural Applications

Since the early 1980s spray foam insulation has been recognised as the most effective way of insulating new & existing agricultural buildings suffering from little or no insulation.

Spray foam from Foamspray is applied in liquid form directly onto the back of the sheeting, enabling the insulation to seek and seal all air leakage, forming a continuous layer of insulation and eliminating condensation. Its ease of application means that large areas can be covered within minimum timescale with limited disruption.  The resultant reduction of costly energy bills for heating and cooling makes spray foam insulation a firm favourite with today’s UK farmers for both new build and existing agricultural buildings.

Condensation problems

Buildings suffering from poor insulation are prone to issues with condensation. Applying a minimal thickness of 30mm of polyurethane spray foam insulation, will ensure a condensation free environment.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduces heat loss & fuel costs
  • Protects crops from frost damage
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Maintains constant temperature control
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Fire Resistance

Pirthane® ‘O’ is an insulating system with excellent fire resistant properties. It complies with the requirements for a Class 0 surface as defined in Paragraph A12(b) of Approved Document B ‘Fire Safety’, to the Building Regulations 1991. It has a Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7 1997; when tested to BS476 Part 6 1989 the material achieved a fire propagation index (I) of not more than 12 and subindex (i1) of not more than 6.   PIRTHANE® ‘O’ comprises of a low thermal conductivity insulating foam.

Agrispray® is an HCFC AND CFC FREE two component, 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system which produces a rigid foam of approximate density 40kg/m3 with exceptionally good compressive strength. Service temperature range -15°C to 70°C. When tested to BS476 part 7 the foam achieves a Class 1 surface spread of flame.

Vapour Control Layer (VCL)

Used in conjunction with Agrispray®, our sprayable vapour barrier coatings have Class 0 compliance and therefore dry to form a flame resistant finish.

Crop Storage – Ambient & Cold storage

Highly efficient spray applied polyurethane foam is a cost effective insulation material. Foamspray Insulation works in two ways, by keeping the storage area cool in the summer and warm in the winter reducing temperature control costs and providing a cost effective solution to the problems associated with condensation. It is an ideal solution for ambient and cold storage.

Conversions & Upgrades

Spray applied polyurethane foam provides the ideal solution for upgrades and conversions. Buildings that are already insulated can be brought up to current standards with one simple application.

Live Stock

With the ability to completely seal buildings by providing a seamless blanket of insulation, the polyurethane spray foam allows you to control both ventilation and temperature.


A simple application of 30-35mm of polyurethane spray foam applied to the roof and walls will ensure a condensation free environment.  The foam when applied to arena style areas can be applied to 50mm to create a more ambient temperature and is often used to reduce the noise that rain can create when landing on tin clad roofs.

Project Gallery

Client Testimonials

Geoff Brighty, Environmental Sustainability Associates Ltd. Wilton, Norwich

Foamspray Insulation took on the job of insulating a former agricultural building which we were converting into a workshop and car storage barn. The building was in poor condition, comprising mainly asbestos sheets.

It’s no exaggeration that the foam covering has been transformational – changing the look of a dirty, dingy building into a fantastic workspace, and the white painted finish has made it bright and far more useful as a workshop. The barn is now even substantially cooler in the 30 degree hot weather of 2020.

Jerry was very responsive to all my information requests in setting the job up and delivered a very professional job to a very high standard, showing his knowledge and experience to address some issues about the site and building.

The materials used and finish are excellent and the price very competitive to other quotes I requested.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jerry and Foamspray to deliver an excellent foam insulation service.

Scott Black, Mawmill Farm, Kinross

The guys at Foam spray Insulation did a great job turning up promptly and staying in the area to get the job done in good time.  The white painted finish really helped brighten up the shed.

Although they were slightly short on paint, there were no issues coming back up the 4 hour journey a day later to come and make sure the job was finished properly.  I would highly recommend Foam spray Insulation.

David Bowman Managing Director, David Bowman’s Pumpkins Ltd. – Spalding

I have used Foamspray for over 20 years and always find their work very good.

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