Shipping Container Insulation – Storage and Nissen Huts

Shipping Container Spray Foam Insulation | Storage and Nissen Huts

An application of as little as 25mm of polyurethane foam can be spray applied to create a seamless blanket of insulation to the roof and sides of the shipping container, creating an ambient space, eliminating the risk of condensation, protecting the contents and providing quality, dry storage.

De-commissioned shipping containers that have previously spent their lives being lugged across the oceans are now being used for a multitude of purposes. In addition to their use as storage and inexpensive farm buildings, they are frequently seen nowadays being used as commercial buildings and office accommodation on building sites. Recently in a national park in Winnipeg, Canada, in line with the park’s green credentials, three re-cycled 40 foot containers were used to provide washroom facilities for visitors – insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam of course!

Nissen Huts

Foam spray Insulation’s polyurethane spray foam is the ideal choice for insulating the curved roofs of Nissan huts. The foam is applied as a liquid, allowing it to follow the contour of the building, bonding to the complete underside of the roof in a seamless blanket of insulation, preventing air bridging and eliminating the condensation problems associated with these often metal profile buildings.  The Nissen hut can be turned into a completely dry, insulated, functional space by applying as little as 35mm of polyurethane spray foam.

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Without spray foam insulation, shipping containers suffer badly from condensation. Foam spray Insulation provides polyurethane foam insulation and coatings which can both insulate and provide condensation control within the container.

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Client Testimonials

Paul Blackhurst Thorpe Underwood Estate, York

From initial quote to completion I was very happy with the level of service we received. We had 3 x 20’ containers fully sprayed and insulated the next day from booking call. Would use again and recommend.

Paul Manders, Warwick

I would like to thank you for the excellent foam spray treatment to seal the inside of my Nissen hut. A fast, efficient and tidy result.

Contact The Spray Foam Insulation Experts:

0113 293 0068