Advantages of Insulating Storage Containers and Nissen Huts

Insulating Storage Containers and Nissen Huts

Provides a dry storage environment by eliminating risk of condensation

If storage containers aren’t properly insulated condensation can occur, which could potentially damage anything being stored in the container over long periods of time. By insulating your containers with our polyurethane foam you will eliminate the risk of condensation helping to protect your items. Nissen huts are also susceptible to condensation due to the thin metal roofs, but thanks to our ease of application spray foam insulation, this problem can be solved quickly and easily.

Helps to create a comfortable interior

Storage containers are not only being used for storage but also alternatives to mobile offices and even homes in some cases, which is why it’s vital to create a comfortable interior for those within. This can be achieved by using our foam insulation, which will ensure that moisture stays out and warmth stays in.

Minimal application, maximum effect

With an application of as little as 25mm, our spray foam insulation will take up only a minimal amount of space on the walls and ceiling but it will have an impressive effect. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing space to accommodate large blocks of standard insulation or the housing used for fibreglass insulation. Our insulation also has the advantage of a seamless finish, which not only looks great but also increases energy efficiency.

Increases energy efficiency

If you’re using a storage container as an office it’s important that it’s energy efficient. The seamless finish of our insulation means that there aren’t any gaps that heat can escape through, helping to maintain a warmer temperature through the winter months. It also takes effect during the warmer months too, helping the interior stay cooler.

Very cost effective

You may think that having specialist foam insulation applied to your storage container or Nissen hut will break the bank but in reality, it’s a surprisingly cost effective solution. It’s long lasting and very easy to repair should damage occur plus even a small amount can make a big difference. Also, let’s not forget about the increased energy efficiency, which could save you money should you need to heat the interior of your storage container or Nissen hut.

View our Product page to find out more or call us direct for more information, as we at Foam Spray Insulation are always happy to advise on what would be the best solution for you.

May 23rd, 2017|